look what i did!...{file cabinet make-over}

if you follow me on pinterest or remember this post, you might recall the dream work space i've been fantasizing about :-)
AND you might recall a mention or two (and a previous photo) of the file cabinet re-do.

let me emphasize: this is NOT a tutorial. there are plenty out there - i choose this one (and then just did whatever i felt like doing *grin*)

i used some scrapbook paper i had laying around from some other diy-gone-awry and some modge podge i made myself (50/50 glue-to-water ratio. shake well. done.)

here's a bit of a photo recap:

one of the file cabinets "before". didn't think to take a picture of the other!

i pulled out each drawer to cover them. note the tarp on the floor - i am incredibly messy with the modge podge! since the scrapbook paper was a bit short, i had to match the pattern and use a second piece to finish the face of each drawer.

i had some issues cutting around the handles because:
1. i don't prepare, i just dive right in so i didn't cut a template for correct measurements. heck, i didn't even measure!
and 2. i tried to cut the paper with my exacto knife while it was still wet.
tip: don't do that. i ended up having to do some really creative patch work.

the completed cabinet! this photo - with the bad lighting - you've already seen. i went over each drawer with about 3 coats of modge podge. (hmmm....viewing this photo close up, it looks like i did a really bad job - oops! this may have been before the multiple coats of modge podge. trust me, it looks much better than this!)

and the other. again, bad light. or maybe it's just a bad photographer! this one had no handles so it was a bit easier.

so what have you been working on? share some of your cool diy projects!

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