{about bonhomie}

who is Bonhomie? well, Bonhomie is me! i'm a Christian, a wife,a mom, a daughter and a sister. i'm a self-taught jewelry designer and i love what i do!

i've done many things in my life but jewelry seems to suit me best. working at my jewelry bench makes me happy and that's how i want my jewelry to make you feel - happy!

i believe that jewelry should be a reflection of who you are - or at least who you are that day ;-) it should be easy to wear but still look fabulous. and i love jewelry that makes a statement. handcrafted jewelry does all that and more! no two pieces are ever alike - it's one-of-a-kind. just like you.

i create artisan pieces that can be seen and purchased in my Etsy shop but i have to say that custom charm jewelry is my favorite. you can visit bonhomie charms to create your own! i really enjoy sharing in others' accomplishments, milestones and plain ol' happy days! weddings, births, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries, just because. plenty of reasons to "say it your way"!

i'm so glad you stopped by and i look forward to getting to know you - and you getting to know me ;-)

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