encouraging words wednesday....{inspiration}

what does this verse mean to you? does it mean that if we're super-good christians, God will give us whatever we ask for?

umm, not necessarily.

so what does this verse mean?

yesterday, i talked about inspiration. do you believe that inspiration comes from the Lord?

i do, without a doubt. i'm doing a study entitled "imagine" by margaret feinberg. written in the forward, shelia walsh says about psalm 37:4:
"as a child i thought this meant that whatever i wanted, God would be glad to give me, be it a pony or a playmate. now i understand that, as i delight myself in the Lord, He will anoint my imagination and give me His dreams to dream. the more i press in to know Him, the clearer my vision and imagination become."
aaaaah! that makes so much sense, doesn't it? God will provide our inspiration!

and i know it to be true. since i've been allowing God to provide my visions and dreams, the more 'successful' i've become!

so what have you been dreaming? have you been lacking in inspiration lately?

let God become your inspiration!

(ps: i've been considering turning this into a linky party so the encouragement could be spread around. if this sounds good to you, leave me a note in the comments - if there's any interest, i'll created a graphic & add a link-up next week! God bless you, friends!)

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