creative inspiration...{and what to do about it!}

what inspires you? and when you feel that inspiration, what do you do about it? do you just run with it? or do you ponder and examine?

i love to learn and i love to try new things.

except roller coasters. i do not like roller coasters and i will never again try a roller coaster. but we've discussed that before.

i'm talking about different jewelry techniques, different styles of jewelry, various crafty things......

problem is, it's not always necessarily suited to me or the 'brand' i'm trying to create.

but is that really a problem? or maybe it's just a learning experience.

i have in mind some ideas for the new year. a few plans that i'm still trying to flesh out. i've been trying to figure out if these ideas i have are right for me. so i'm taking it before God. prayerfully asking Him to guide me.

and here's what i feel He's trying to tell me:

just do it.
(yeah, ya didn't know that God actually came up with that Nike slogan, didja?)

it may not be right for my business or my brand but there's nothing keeping me from making an attempt, right? yes, you should 'look before you leap' and always 'be prepared' but, also, i don't think inspiration should be ignored. sometimes, you just don't know until you try.

ya feel me?

so. some new stuff may be comin' at ya soon :-)

are you planning on anything new for the new year?

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