fab finds.....{delicious desserts!}

do you do any holiday baking? i usually do but not always very successfully. you see, my oven is evil. yup, you heard me. evil.

but lemme back up. see, i only bake once a year. it's always been a holiday tradition for me. but since i married and moved into hubby's family home..........well, i'm pretty sure this stove has it in for me. for example.....

we can cook a 30lb thanksgiving turkey in about 4 hours. no lie. but try to bake any kind of dessert with fruit in it. ain't happenin. done around the edges and undercooked in the center every.time. go figure.

needless to say, holiday baking has been a bit of a gamble. a bet i'm not necessarily willing to take this year.

so i've been looking for some alternative dessert recipes and here's what i've come up with:

made the same way you'd make rice crispy treats but with oreos.....not sure how that could EVER go wrong!!

6 minute microwave caramels. add a bit of sea salt....yum!!

rum balls...."served chilled, these balls are formed when a batch of brownies is broken into bits, flavored with dark rum, and rolled." this includes the brownie recipe but i am SO NOT above using store bought!

homemade peanut butter cups. again, how could you go wrong!?!?

no-bake cake batter truffles. need i say more?

obviously, i found these recipes on pinterest. while viewing my "good eats" pin board, i noticed several recipes i haven't tried yet but sound sooooo good. so i ask you:

are you making the recipes you pin? are they as good as you'd hoped?
(ps: if you need an invite to pinterest, just let me know in the comments!)

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