one little word...{growth}

happy new year to you all!

i want to begin by saying that i am so grateful to you all - readers, commenters, customers, supporters - thank you all so much. if i'm able to write just one word that makes you laugh or cry, if there's even one sentiment you can relate to, then i consider myself blessed and this blog worthwhile.

as it turns out, "growth" IS my word for 2012. (wow. i can't believe i just typed "2012". seems so futuristic, doesn't it?)

i'd really like to grow this year. as a mom, a wife, a blogger, a business owner.....as a christian, most importantly. growth is a necessary thing.

i know that with growth sometimes comes growing pains. but if i keep my roots strong & healthy - staying rooted in the Lord and His word - i'll make it through :-)

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