encouraging words wednesday...{patience}

i was never really a patient person.
and then i became a mama.
you mamas know, once that little one comes along, you have no choice.
little man has taught me to be patient...
in most things.

now, as i struggle to become the godly woman He wants me to be,
i work to be patient in all aspects of my life
but the hardest for me is waiting on the Lord.


now, i know that whatever He has planned for me will far exceed even my wildest dreams.
following God's plan for our lives only leads to good.
so you'd think that waiting on Him would be easy for me....

i don't know why.
but i struggle with this on a daily basis.
i feel as though i'm constantly running ahead.
forever saying "oops! sorry God - okay, i promise, i'm right here until you tell me go"
then i'm off again, not sure if it was Him who said go or my own impatience.

i am so grateful that He forgives me time and time again.
that He has patience with me.
that He leads me gently to where He wants me to be.
and then there's peace.
and joy.

thank you, Lord.

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