pinterest...{good, bad & best}

it's time for another review of my pinterest boards!
(you can read the first one here)
i've actually got one pinterest project going on right now....
too soon to share my thoughts but i'll try to remember it for next time :-)

baked wonton cups

you might recall the back-to-school brunch party i hosted
these were one of the items on the menu
(actually, the entire menu was created with pinterest finds!)
the presentation is gorgeous and they're so easy to make
instead of the fresh dill, i used capers.
now, i LOVE smoked salmon. so that's gonna get an automatic 'thumbs up' from me
BUT.....it's really easy to overcook the wonton wrappers (especially for me :-p)
they're pretty bland and tend to get soggy if they've been sitting for even a short period.
but i'd definitely make them again.
my score: GOOD

lemon meringue moisturizer

i tried this one over the holiday
my plan was to included this in the gift basket for my sister & sister-in-law
i really wanted this to work - it looks so good in the picture!
sadly, it was an epic failure for me :-(
now, it could be the fault of my 'blender' (actually a "magic bullet" that's seen better days)
or it could be my lack of patience - i may not have blended long enough...
my score: BAD

printing on burlap

yet another gift for the sis & SIL
(pinterest...my inspirational source!!)
this came out beautifully!!
i really wish i had remembered to take a picture.
i had a bit of trouble finding freezer paper since i don't usually shop in traditional grocery stores
(aldis & target all the way)
instead of framing the signs, i mounted the printed burlap directly onto a canvas
my score: BEST

*disclaimer: any opinion stated here is no reflection on the validity/accuracy of the project/recipe. obviously, someone was able to accomplish it successfully :-)

do you have any pinterest projects going on now?
how's it going?

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