real life…..{mom’s brunch party!}

for the past 4 or so years, little man & i have been part of a playgroup that just about saved my life (yes, a bit dramatic but it certainly felt that way!) see, i’ve been living in this part of the state for about 10 years but, at the time my son was born, i hadn’t really made many personal connections with anyone outside of my previous job. you can imagine the stress and isolation i was feeling when i became a stay-at-home mom!

but then God led me to this amazing group of women in the form of a playgroup. we met almost every wednesday – at the park, at the beach, at someone’s home – for four years. these women helped me through the various stages of the toddler years, they supported me in my business, we incorporated a bookclub and they even led me back to church. they’re more than just fellow members of a playgroup. they’re my friends. our husbands are friends. we support one another.

because most of us have children who are now in school, playgroup has ended. i wanted to do something to say “thank you” (even though i know that no thanks were necessary) so i decided to host a back-to-school brunch. most of the recipes & ideas i found on pinterest. (are you on pinterest? if not, leave me a message and i’ll send you an invite!)

table collage  strawberries & angelfood cake drizzled with chocolate, brown sugar fruit dip with grapes & pineapple….


quiche collage egg & spinach and turkey sausage quiche cups….



baked wonton cups with smoked salmon (instead of the dill & creme fraiche, i used capers & sour cream)

and as a little gift for everyone, i made brown sugar body scrub :-)

scrub collage


there’s a few missing from the photo but i love them all! and now we’ve decided to make this brunch a monthly thing. i love brunch ;-)

who are the special people in your life who get you through?

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