{one sweet love}….a fundraiser!

i know, i’ve been a bad blogger! i apologize for my absence – we had a vacation, a wedding, i hosted a brunch (which i’ll blog about sometime this week) and combined with our new schedule, i just couldn’t get it together. something had to give and, unfortunately, it was my blog AND my workouts. but i’m working on getting back into the groove – or i guess i should say a new groove.

anyway, on to more important things.

remember when i introduced this?

little love note

but then i said you couldn’t get it yet? well now you can!! but only through danielle’s take heart blog, specifically through her “one sweet love” fundraiser.

here’s the deal: if you don’t know already, God has laid it upon my sweet friend’s heart to adopt a baby. she and her family are following God’s lead in this adoption but it’s an expensive endeavor. not to be discouraged, danielle came up with this wonderful idea for a fundraiser.

TONS and TONS of wonderfully talented artisans and shopkeepers have donated all kinds of goodies (i’ve got my eye on one of the bundles, myself!). to participate, all you have to do is leave a comment on the goodie bundle you’d like to win and each comment requires a donation of $10.00. easy peasy. the more comments you make, the higher your chance of winning! winners will be announced on 9/22/11.

so…….my little love note will be included in one of the bundles.

be sure to enter and tell all your friends!

one sweet love

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