pinterest...{good, bad & best}

i love pinterest.
pinterest provides me inspiration, solutions, motivation, entertainment & encouragement - doesn't get much better than that, right?
however, i have a confession to make.......
i'm a chronic pinner.
i visit pinterest sometimes several times a day. and i pin.
and pin and pin and pin.
sometimes i pin things i've forgotten that i've already pinned!
(c'mon. don't tell me i'm the only one!)

so to keep those great recipes, projects & tips in the forefront of my mind, i'm going to start keeping track & making notes of my successes and failures.

DIY febreez

i don't buy febreez any longer - i use this exclusively. the scent doesn't linger the way febreez does - which could have something to do with the bargain brand softener i'm using - but it does freshen & remove odors.
my score: GOOD

custom candles

i made these as gifts for my sister & sister-in-law for christmas.
premise: using heat, adhere a custom design created on tissue paper.
instead of a heat gun i used a blow dryer to adhere the design. i misunderstood the final result - i thought the design would TRANSFER to the candle but, as i just stated, it actually adheres. my results weren't very consistent - i either melted the candle or the design began to separate from the candle. i would suggest using white candles only (i tried using ecru candles) and a heat gun instead of a blow dryer.
my score: BAD

brown sugar body scrub

i've made this twice now - once as a take-home goodie for the mom's back to school brunch i did and once as gifts for the sister & SIL. it smells AMAZING and works fabulously. i'm currently out (sad face) but i'm using it as a reward for myself: accomplish x,y,z and you get to make yourself some more scrub! i know, i'm silly.
my score: BEST

*disclaimer: any opinion stated here is no reflection on the validity/accuracy of the project/recipe. obviously, someone was able to accomplish it successfully :-)

so tell me, what are some of your pinterest successes?
need a pinterest invite? just let me know in the comments!

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Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Oooooh, that brown sugar scrub looks divine!!! I will have to re-pin!!! :) I love making homemade scrubs! Much cheaper then store bought and sooooo easy!

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