growth....{healthy body}

i thought it would be a good idea to do an every-so-often update on my one little word.
ya know....track my progress, keep me accountable :-)

the word for 2012 is growth.
to do any kind of growth, one must be healthy. so...........
i've resumed my workouts. yay!
(i say "yay" now. check with me in a week or two and see how happy i am about it! *grin*)
i started out with a bang last year then slowly tapered off.

right now, my workout is limited to the very awesome elliptical we purchased last year. once i've gotten a good start, i'll add back in my zumba workouts. i feel so 'pretty' when i do zumba - so long as there's no mirror and no one watching :-p

now some people (like my hubby) watch tv while they work out. some people listen to music. others read.....
i get bored watching tv....
there's too much bouncing for me to read...
i'm a music girl. wanna see my playlist?

workout music:
1. Mercy - Duffy
2. Rolling In The Deep - Adele
3. Puerto Rico - Frankie Ruiz
4. On The Floor featuring Pitbull - Jennifer Lopez
5. Butterfly - Jason Mraz
6. Contra La Corriente - Marc Anthony
7. Harder To Breathe - Maroon 5
8. Feelin Way Too Damn Good - Nickelback
9. Kiss - Prince
10. This Is How A Heart Breaks - Rob Thomas

ecclectic, i know. and i am SERIOUSLY anal about rhythm so my pace has to match the tempo of the song. which means lots and lots of adjustments to the incline/level throughout my workout.

i just started this week and i've managed 3 days so far. i'm averaging about 2 miles each workout and the time happens to equal the playlist once through - give or take a song or two, depending how well i'm getting through it. whats cool is even though i'm just now getting back to it, i can feel an improvement to my stamina each time :-)

i've also got my eye on some additional workouts i found on pinterest but i don't want to overdue it - yet!

so how do you stay healthy? any suggestions for additions to my playlist?

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