encouraging words wednesday....{new}

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i've always thought that this was a beautiful concept.
accept Christ and be renewed.
a fresh start. your sins are forgiven.
God's mercy and grace assures us of that.

but it's so much more than just a concept.
here's what i learned this morning:
as a follower of Christ, i am also required to see beyond the old.
and i'm not talking about seeing myself as new.
i'm talking about seeing others as His new creation.

everyone in our life has a past.
everyone makes mistakes.
when we come to Christ, our past is forgotten.
it goes beyond forgiveness.
the slate has been wiped clean. like it never even happened.

so i've forgiven and i've loved.
but had i truly related to her without judgment,
leaving the cloud of past deeds out of the equation?
did i honestly see her as a NEW CREATION?
i'm ashamed to say that no, didn't.

i use the past tense not because i've rectified the situation.
i use the past tense because she has already passed away.

this was a hard lesson learned.
sometimes it happens that way - not because our God is vengeful.
but because i wasn't listening to what He was telling me.
i cried, asking for forgiveness.
He cried with me, i know.

but with those tears came a cleansing.
a tiny bit of peace.
a little bit of healing.
assurance that my mistake meant nothing to her outcome.
she is well and rejoicing with our Lord.

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