real life…….{weight loss challenge}

scale i don’t think i mentioned that hubby and i purchased an elliptical. not a cheap-o elliptical but a really nice, mid-line model ;-) so. we gained quite a bit of weight during my pregnancy. (five years ago!!!) then i lost a bit – and so did he. then i gained a bit when i was on the steroids (ha! not for weight lifting!! medication!) then i lost a bit. then gained a bit. which leads me to the challenge……

hubby and i have set up a bit of a contest. whomever loses the most amount of weight by the end of september wins (and his loss must include an additional 10lbs since men lose faster than women. so i’ve heard!). and, though i’m not convinced this is the best idea i’ve ever had, i’ve decided to blog about our progress. he made some noises about ‘before and after’ pictures and, since i’m blogging about this for the whole world to see, i’m sure one will be soon forthcoming.

we set the official start date to coincide with the arrival of our elliptical which is today. my start weight (holy moly, i can’t believe i’m putting this out for the world to see!) is 165. my goal is to get back to my pre-baby weight: 131. to start it off right, monday night’s dinner was chicken teriyaki meatballs with edamame & brown rice. my execution of this dish has been better but at least it was healthy, right?? if he wins, he gets a new set of golf clubs. if i win, i get a new wardrobe – within reason. although, lets be honest. we all know that if i do lose any significant amount of weight, winner or not, mama’s buyin’ herself some new clothes.

so, all my sisters in camaraderie, i need your help: support and recipes, please! i need good-tasting-but-healthy recipes. meals, appetizers, desserts……..gimme whatcha got!!

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