real life….{get it together!}

you all know that since little man has begun school full-time, i’ve been working on finding a routine and you may also recall that i’ve had some issues with finding the proper balance of things – figuring out how to prioritize in the manner that’s expected of me as a Jesus-girl/wife/mama/business person.

i know that God is not going to give me what i’m not prepared for and until i get it together, my business is going no.where.

so. time to get it together!

i’ve always been a big fan of technology. we have 3 computers in this house (yup, 3. soon to be 4.). i’ve got a smart phone, hubby’s got a smart phone….i’ve got apps for just about everything.

so i was very surprised when i saw this and immediately thought it might be the solution to my problems:


plain, ‘ole paper, pen & calendar. who woulda guessed!!

so i got me one of these:

package collage

found it at officemax. i was hoping for something that would coordinate with my kitchen but that didn’t happen. of course, if i weren’t so impulsive, i might have found one elsewhere but that’s a topic for another post.

everyone has a ‘center’ of their home – the high traffic-everyone congregate here area. ours, like most others’, is the kitchen. and in that center area, everyone has one spot where both important & random items alike end up – ours is a basket on top of the microwave:

station before

i thought that would be the best area for our “home management system”. each family member has a folder and there’s also a folder for bills and a folder for miscellaneous items. also in our “hms” is a weekly/monthly planner to be used exclusively for hubby’s business and a folder which contains simple mom’s daily docket (pretty awesome – it incorporates home, business & health!), cleaning checklist & grocery checklist. i also included a business card holder in the folder for those collected by hubby.

basically, i’ve just duplicated rachael’s plan at lovely crafty home. but imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?

so here’s the finished “hms”:

after collage

i’ve since added a calendar to the front (just like rachael! *grin*)

disclaimer: please excuse the lousy pictures (taken with my phone) and the half-dead plant. see?!?! that’s why i need a “home management system”!!

i’ll let you know how it goes :-)

so how to you manage your home?

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