encouraging words wednesday……..{community}

i read a great devotional this morning. a really great devotional. actually, i read it once before not to long ago. was it relevant to me? yup! did i pay any  attention to it? nope! which is probably why i received it again today.

i plan to do a lot of quoting so i’ll tell you now, this devotional was written by glynnis whitwer for the “encouragement today” devotionals through proverbs 31 ministries (if you haven’t signed up for their daily devotional emails, you should!)

glynnis makes mention of being very independent in times of trouble. seek God: check. seek help from others: no way. hmmmm. sounds really familiar. she then points out that God sees this as a form of pride. too good (insecure, afraid….insert your own adjective) to ask for help from others. God wants us to be in communion with one another. to illustrate this, glynnis uses the example of a story in 2 kings:

here’s a woman with a family to feed, no money, creditors at the door. through elisha, God instructs this woman to gather as many jars from her neighbors as she can. MANY jars. once she’s collected said jars, she’s to fill them with the little oil she has and sell it. she returns home with the jars and begins pouring the oil. and pouring and pouring and pouring. she sells the oil, pays off the creditors and has money left to live.

now, through a different divine miracle, God could’ve just had as many jars appear in her home as was needed. instead He sent her out to seek help from her neighbors.

“This story speaks clearly to me. God often plans to meet my needs through others. Yet if I keep my problems to myself, I might hinder His plan to bless my friends and broadcast His faithfulness. I'm learning to deny the lies of a prideful spirit in exchange for a humble plea for help. I'm trading my fierce independence for God's plan of community.”
~glynnis whitwer

here’s what i’m saying to you. i have been struggling lately. since my hiatus, my jewelry business has been at a standstill. no movement at.all. and very soon, little man goes off to full-day kindergarten so there’s no reason for me to be home. i’ve been afraid of where my path is headed. i’m doing my best to lean on God, to stay present and wait on Him. but i am anxious. i really want to be able to work on my jewelry full-time. but perhaps that’s not what God has planned for me. so that makes me a little sad and anxious though i do know that whatever His plans for me, they will be fabulous *grin*

so, in this time of uncertainty, i’m asking you for your help. i’m asking for your prayers. please pray for me that i’ve ears and a heart to hear His direction, that i’ve wisdom and courage to follow His lead, i know that i can accomplish nothing without Him. and i’m learning that y’all play a big part in that, too.

thank you, friends!

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