real life……{weight loss challenge}

so we’re into our second week – sorta. last week didn’t really begin until wednesday since we didn’t get the elliptical until tuesday but……our beginning weights have been officially noted and the smack talk has begun!

last week, i mentioned a ‘before’ picture. this really isn’t the best (i seem to be reeeeaaalllyyyy bad at taking pictures) but here goes:



not really a close-up and difficult to really see my ‘body type’ with the outfit but this is what i got. that shirt is a size large (my favorite shirt!) and the jeans are a men’s 34/32 (i was goin for the boyfriend-jeans-look). i’ve always struggled with my lower body – baby’s got back! – so i think the elliptical will help that. i need to add in some weights for upper body toning and something, anything, to get rid of the stomach.

i did the elliptical wednesday, thursday & friday of last week. almost didn’t make it friday but a surge of guilt got to me ;-) each time, i did over 2 miles and my speed was never below 4. whatever that means. i’m not working out on weekends…..gotta draw the line somewhere!

i’m still working on my workout playlist – right now i’ve got j-lo, prince, duffy, adele, jason mraz, frankie ruiz, maroon 5, and rob thomas. pretty eclectic!

oh, and meals – i haven’t attempted any additional healthy recipes since we did a lot of grilling and eating out but i stuck with lots of chicken & turkey.

aaaaannnd…………i’ve decided what i want as a prize if i win. this time it’s a real prize. not just something i’m gonna get anyway ;-) drumroll plz……….

a dslr camera! i’d like to start documenting more of our life and sharing it here but (as i already mentioned) i’m soooo bad at taking pictures. seriously. little man plays around with our point & shoot camera and his pictures come out better than mine (perhaps the subject of a future post??? hmmmm….) anyway, our camera is also broken – not enough that it doesn’t work but enough that we need a replacement. hubby had a minor stroke when i mentioned the prices of the dslr – and that was before he knew i’ve selected this as my prize. surprise! tee hee. IF i get this camera, i really want to learn how to use it. one thing i’ve noticed that my favorite blogs have in common are fabulous photos. but i’m rambling. so. that’s what i want. a dslr.

so what dslr would you recommend for a beginner? and do you have any really motivating tracks you’d suggest for my playlist?

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