inspiration workshop wk 10…..{a day in the life!}

it’s thursday! hooking up with gussy’s inspiration workshop – this week’s prompt is “a day in the life”. my life really isn’t that spectacular on a daily basis – i’d actually considered doing this post as a day in the life wish list! but i have been blessed by God to live the life that i do and i will rejoice in it!

p20110804-114745 my day does not begin without a cuppa joe! (black with sugar. yum!)

p20110804-115112and little man’s day does not begin without a little lego action! 

somebody found a birds nest!

party collage
this week has been full of preparation for little man’s birthday party!

off to t-ball for his first trophy (good job, little man!)

p20110801-173050end of the day! sad, but true….. his favorite activity ever! (don’t judge me *grin*)

so there you have it - just a little peek! if you want to see some (more interesting) lives, go check out gussy’s linky party!

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!

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