Thirsty Thursday

Obviously MARvelous

It's that time again!* Wow, this week really flew by! Okay, time to be social ;-) Here are a few of the blogs that caught my eye this week:

Lisa over at noodleBubble is a uk crafter, reader and a very clever girl! Stop by, say hello and enjoy ;-) I liked the Retro Housewife. Usually I try to stay away from "giveaway" sites but she's more than that. (though her giveaways look pretty cool - not the standard fare) What really didit for me is that she made me laugh. Outloud. That doesn't happen often!

I arrived at the party sorta early (#48) so there weren't a lot of sites to choose from (and I have to go pick up the little man!) Hop over and see what you can find! Maybe you'd like to share your finds with me??

Reminder: 10% OFF the "Featured Items" in my shop - just enter the code BJBLOG. And tomorrow we'll take the next step in the Etsy Holiday Bootcamp.

*quick note about my approach to memes - I'm really not a fan of those who stop by and just say "follow me!!". If you truely like my blog and what I have to say then I would expect a comment relevant to something I've posted - that's what I do when I visit these blogs - if they're my 'style'. I'm not in this for the numbers; I'm looking to increase my meaningful interactions, meet some new bloggers and learn something new.


The White Whimsies said...

Hi, Just stopping by and following you from Thirsty Thursday Blog Hop!


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

You have some beautiful jewelry!

I just found your blog on one of the Thursday blog hops! Have a great night!

Amanda @ www.nutritionistreviews.com

Jaime ~ The Etsy Shop Spotlight said...

Thanks very much! Following you back :)

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