New listing (finally!!)

Lawdy, lawdy..........how long's it been since I listed something new??? Seems like for.ev.er but the wait is over!!

I've been spending so much time on the new website and charm redesigns that I'd completely forgotten about my time I spent contemplating different methods of forging and manipulating metal. (here's a funny.....just went looking for the post I wrote re these pieces and found I'D NEVER POSTED IT!! it was still in draft format - sheesh!) So anyway........

Here's the Twisted Copper series. The first listed is the Twisted Copper Ring. I'll list the necklace and the earrings shortly. And remind me - I have other forged and manipulated metal pieces to list later on!


Naughty Baubles said...

These pieces are so beautiful and I was again amazed when I checked out your Etsy store. Your items are truly original....and yes, it is great to see a fellow CT jewelry designer.

See you in bootcamp :)

Melissa said...

Those are gorgeous- I really love that they are twisted-- cool idea!

Melissa {Adventuroo}

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