Etsy Success Holiday Bootcamp - Mission Statement

Here's the promised Mission Statement for the Etsy Success Holiday Bootcamp! To be perfectly honest, I'm not certain that this is a "mission statement" but it reflects my overall goals so here-goes:

Bonhomie Jewelry is committed to providing high-quality, hand-crafted, unique, fun and funky jewelry to its customers. Bonhomie Jewelry will increase it's charitable activities, through the holiday season and beyond, and will strive to provide excellent customer service.

Hmmm............seems kind of bland. I've never been a fan of mission statements because I've never really understood them. My bad. So how 'bout some specific goals:

1. Regular, relevant blog posting

2. locate & participate in at least two high-visibility advertising opportunities no later than November 1

3. launch the new Bonhomie Charms line and new website no later than Oct 30

4. post no less than 10 new items to my Etsy shop between now and Oct 30

5. solicit at least 2 new brick & mortar locales for wholesale opportunities

6. spend no less then 3 mornings per week at the bench

Am I being too ambitious? What are your goals?

Tasks to focus on between now and the next posting:

Make a list of my most popular items
Brainstorm new work to offer this season
Find a "Boot Camp buddy"

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Nico Designs said...

Wonderful goals! I will be checking out wholesale fabrics to determine if I take that next step. Hope you have a great year.

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