True Confessions.........

I'd like to jump on the bandwagon and begin featuring other artists on my blog. However, in an effort - hopefully successful - to stand out from the pack, my questions are a bit more revealing.

I'd never ask others to put themselves out there if I'm not willing to do the same so here's a preview of what I hope will be a fun and lively weekly occurrence.

If you'd like to "confess" you can find instructions here.

1. Your Name:

2. Shop Name:
Bonhomie Jewelry on Etsy

3. Anyplace else your products be seen?
I have a
MySpace Page and a Facebook Business Page.

4. Tell us one thing - as it relates to your craft - that would be surprising. Since I don't have any formal art or design training, none of my pieces actually look like what I intended. Some are aren't even close to the original idea!

5. What's your favorite item? What's your least favorite item? Why? My favorite item right now would have to be my Sunrise Sunset ring. It's not what I intended but I love the colors, the free form and the organic feel. My least favorite is my Fine Silver Pendant with Colored Stones. The colors just aren't bold enough for me.

6. Tell us about the mistakes you've made that have turned out well. The Message Pendant was intended to be an ID bracelet for a friend. Because I torch fire and don't use a kiln, I wasn't able to retain the gentle curve necessary for a bracelet like that. I made my friend another piece but I didn't want to just scrap what I'd already made. I turned it into a pendant, gave it to her and she ended up ordering one just like it for her mother!

7. Who's work - in your genre - do you envy? I love JenKahn's stuff. She has such a hand....I didn't realize she worked with metal clay until I read her profile! I'd like to be her when I grow up ;-)


luluvillage said...

I like the mistakes question!

Katie Kutthroat said...

very cool interview.. good questions! i responded to your post on etsy about this.. check it out when you get a second.

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