Artist Confessions

Do you have something to get off your chest? Would you like to bare all on the Bonhomie Blog? Copy and paste the following questions in an email to bonhomieAToptonlineDOTnet. I'll notify you when your confession will be posted and will request photos at that time.

When your confession 'airs' you can grab this cool button (from the main page) for your blog to tell the world you've confessed!

Thanks for playing ;-)

  1. Your Name: (first name only!)
  2. Shop Name: (include link & location)
  3. Anyplace else your products can be seen (online and IRL)?
  4. Tell us one thing - as it relates to your craft - that would be surprising.
  5. What's your favorite item? What's your least favorite item? Why?
  6. Tell us about the mistakes you've made that have turned out well.
  7. Who's work - in your genre - do you envy?

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