Well, I promised some insight into my design inspiration but that hasn't happened yet - until now! Admit it. You're on the edge of your seat right now, aren't you? I know. Exciting stuff.

So here's one of my latest pieces (which you've already seen):

I've entitled it "Pearl Orbit Necklace". To cut down on the stress level, I only name my pieces if it comes to me. Otherwise, I'd never get anything listed! So, you're probably saying to yourself "Oh, how creative she is! How does she come up with such amazing designs?" (I hope y'all have realized by now that to say I'm sarcastic is an understatement and I do enjoy poking fun at myself) So, I'll tell you what inspired me:

It was a mistake. Yup. A huge boo-boo. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE fusing but I'm still getting the hang of it so after balling the ends of this fine silver wire, I realized it was too short for my intended design. You do recall me mentioning that nothing ever comes out as it's intended, yes? Well, this one missed the boat! You also recall my previous post about my current financial state so you understand that there's no WAY I could waste that silver so.............viola! Clever? Well, we'll see what everyone thinks - comment away! If I can't take criticism - well, I can't think of a witty metaphor but too bad for me if I can't.

Now back to fusing. It's inspired me to attempt soldering so I've some supplies en route. I'm hugely excited! I believe that I will enjoy metal smithing much more than working with the metal clay though the clay will always have it's use for me. Wish me luck!

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Mik said...

That is pretty cool, I bet eh wife would like that, wait, what am I saying? She already has the wallet taken hostage!

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