It's the most wonderful time of the year.........

The Christmas holiday season is my favorite time of the year. Usually. I love to give. Usually. I love finding the perfect gift for family members. Usually. This year, not so much. "Why," you ask? I will tell you why..........like most other Americans, I'm broke! Okay, I'm not destitute-living-out-of-my-car broke. Hubby has a good job and I have a work-from-home business as a Virtual Assistant and Legal Billing Specialist that's going pretty well (Xpress Assistant and BILLINGxpress - shameless plug!!) But I'm just not sure how we're gonna pull it off this year.

Do you remember layaway? I've noticed that Kmart is really pushing it this year and it makes sense. I know I can't afford to shell out a couple hundred bucks from one check for my son's gifts. I did some research to see if any other stores have hopped on the bandwagon but so far I haven't found many. During my research, I realized that there's a whole generation (or two) who've never heard of layaway! When I was a kid, it was a way of life! I don't know if that says that we've become more wealthy as a whole or more dependent on credit. Thoughts?? I also came across elayaway.com. I'm not certain it's what I'm looking for but at least it's another option.

What are you doing to ease the financial burden of the holiday season? To make it easier on my readers, I'm offering free shipping on orders over $50. I've added a 'reminder' to my side bar. Just enter the code in the "message to seller" box (XMASSHIP) when you check out at my etsy shop and wait for a revised invoice!

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Melissa said...

I looked, via your link at elayaway, it certainly looks interesting. I love layaway, but as you said no one does it anymore. I do offer it in my store, but so far have had no takers. I usually start shopping in July. Everytime I get paid, I purchase something. Even if it is a gift card, toy, gift set etc, at least I am not putting out hundreds all at once. I troll the clearance racks, a lot.

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