{counting my blessings.....}

you may have noticed that i missed yesterday's "encouraging words wednesday" post
not that i didn't have any words of encouragement, mind you.
it's just that my routine was thrown off a bit and is off today, still.

i tend to get a bit cranky when my routine is altered so the best thing for me to do is:
take a deep breath....
put on my big girl panties....
and focus on all the wonderful things God has provided us.

i'm thankful for a godly husband and the fact that we live in a place that allows me to freely teach my son about God's love.

i'm loving this post that i read today. such a wonderful reminder that marriage is not all "sunshine & sausages" (for you, hubby!) but requires God & effort

my head is crowded with creative ideas/changes/improvements for bonhomie jewelry and i've begun to get overwhelmed. but i must keep in the forefront of my mind that this creativity is God sent. it is a blessing. if i stick close to Him, it will all work out :-)

God has been softening my heart in a particular area as of late. i don't know what will come of it but i'm grateful for the sound of God's voice and the moving of the holy spirit.

i am so thankful for my son. he is a gift i never really expected.

and there are lots of little things, too.....my new iphone. i got some more starbucks keurig cups. hubby did the dishes this morning. i have new designs ready to go to the stampmaker.....

praise Jesus for the big and for the small!

what are you thankful for today?

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