{friday photos & little things}

i didn't master last year's effort to be more intentional in photo journaling everyday experiences but i'm going to keep trying!

fun with christmas presents! little man actually helped hubby put that lego beast together. 3 hours!! sadly, i accidentally deleted the 'in progress' photo :-(



little man's creativity & imagination continue to amaze me :-) he's so good at entertaining himself - probably comes from being an only child. that makes me just a tiny bit sad!

i got a new piece on the bench! copper this time - and probably looks a bit familiar.

okay, this was not my christmas present (belongs to my father-in-law) but can i just say that i LU-UH-UVE this little keurig. makes THEE BEST cup of coffee ever! hubby is currently protesting the expense of k-cups by refusing to indulge - he has no idea what he's missing!

okay, i see a very messy living room (hard not to) but i ALSO see a family that spent time together over the holiday vacation instead of obsessing over appearances. (and i also wonder, when does that turn into an excuse for not picking up? say about..........now? *grin*)

Aisle to Aloha

life rearranged

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