fab finds...{meal planning}

i've been doing some thinking about my "one little word" {growth} and the areas to which i'd like to apply it. one of the areas is as a homemaker.

i struggle ALOT with home management - things like keeping the house clean throughout the week instead of having to do one huge, day-long clean up; keeping the refrigerator & pantry stocked; staying on top of the various papers and files and important documents floating around the house........

i realize that i'll never be perfect. i am deserving of grace - i will never be 100% accomplished in every aspect of my life. but i should strive to improve.

with the coming of this new year, it seems like everywhere i go, i'm reading about meal planning. i may have given it a half-hearted attempt once or twice but i think its time to give it a real go. hopefully, meal planning won't end up as just some declaration floating out in cyberspace like this organizational plan did (but i haven't given up on it completely!!)

(of course now that i've made this decision, everything seems to be conspiring against me BUT i'm gonna keep trying!)

here are a few things i've found that i think will be helpful to me in this endeavor.

i found tons and tons of printables (free!!) and this was one of my favorites. of course, my printer decided to quit working so i couldn't print it out.........

Align Center

and just look at this beautiful organization!!!!

this weekend, i took a shot at it. it took me about 45 minutes to gather, review & choose all my recipes and then create my shopping list.

and lookee, lookee here:


not only did i set up a meal plan for the next 2 1/2 weeks, i set up a 'meal planning management center' (sounds official, doesn't it??) AND i cleaned out and organized the tupperware container.
woo hoo!!

so, what have you found that's inspiring you this week?

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