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i hope you all had a wonderful christmas! ours was busy - and sometimes tearful - but spent with family and we had an awesome day.

yesterday was spent chatting with more family, lounging in pjs, playing with new toys, watching movies and eating cheese and crackers and christmas cookies (oh my!) how do you spend the day after christmas?

i've been giving (further) thought to this blog o' mine and i'd really like to see it grow. i'd like it to become a community that means something to you and to me. i'm wondering if anyone out there would be interested in doing some guest posts? let me know via comment or email if you are!

and on to the sneak peeks & ideas......


here's a custom piece i did as a holiday gift - i REALLY love the pattern in the copper. i've got an idea for a collection similar to this. i'm hoping to experiment this week so i'll let you know!

and i've been making mention of a whole new venture of sorts BUT still related to my jewelry. here's a hint:


here's another hint: "bonhomie bridal suite"

okay, okay, i'll tell ya! my idea is to offer wedding monograms - on jewelry, on favors & on stationary (invitations, note cards, etc.). sort of 'one-stop-shopping'. nothing too elaborate but custom, giving each bride a designer look to their wedding. i'm hoping to offer the jewelry in different metals to allow for a variety of price points. i have a few other ideas for items that would be available through the "bonhomie bridal suite" but i'll need to do some testing first.

i'm having so much fun working on this! i would love to have everything ready in time for the bridal season but i'm not going to push it - the collection will develop in time ;-)

i'm off now to do some shopping with christmas gift cards (one of my favorite holiday traditions) and then maybe a family game night with our BFFs ;-)

what's on your agenda today?

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