real life...{it's the little things}

so i made it through the day yesterday without sinking into an abyss of unnecessary depression thanks to God and thanks to you :-)

i mentioned that God has been blessing us so I'll share with you those blessings. the little things that are happening in my life that bring a smile to my face.

remember the printable i made? i think it came out great!

we finished decorating for the holiday - inside and out!

and the "blessings collection" made the paper!! two different papers, as a matter of fact. the one shown here is the Waterbury Republican American - almost word for word from my press release. the other was published in the Torrington Register Citizen (click to read the article. really, it's good!). i had the opportunity to meet with the reporter and i'm so glad i did! definitely my favorite article. you'll notice i didn't get a copy of that one (told ya - broker than broke, remember? BUT that's also changed for the better. see? blessings!)

lastly, i am so thankful for this blog. this morning, i had the pleasure of waking up to a wonderful comment from yesterday's post and a separate email from a new friend. i'm loving the relationships this blog has allowed me to cultivate :-)

what's making you smile today?

Aisle to Aloha

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