real life....{printable!}

okay, so here's something i've never done before. i'm sharing a printable with you i made myself! (no laughing or snickering, please!)

but, before i share the link, i'll tell you how this all came about.....i saw this on pinterest:

i loved the colors but wanted something a bit more christ-centered. so, here's what i came up with:
you can download a .pdf here. (the .pdf will look a lot crisper, i swear!) it was created to fit an 11"x14" frame. since i'm ALWAYS out of color ink, i had mine printed thru staples copy & print and had it mailed to me. the closest in size i could get was 11"x17" so i'll just trim the excess before i put it in the frame. i'll try to remember to get a pic of the holiday mantle when it's done :-)

again, i've never done this before so if it doesn't work out properly or i've done something wrong or could've done something better, etc. please let me know!
edited: i'm noticing that some of the fonts aren't showing up properly. if you find that to be the case and you'd like a copy of this printable, just leave me a comment and i'll send it to you!

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