encouraging words wednesday...{it is well}

it's 11:00am and i've yet to get out of my bathrobe.

clients are pushing their own deadlines on me - deadlines that in no way mesh with mine.

at this very moment we've got less than no money - some of y'all know exactly what that means.

i tried to wait to write this post.

until my heart was feeling less angst.
but my spirit is crying this morning.

it shouldn't be this way because God has been blessing us. over and over. in little ways and big ways. i know that He's blessing us right now! i know this because, at this very moment, my husband is working on a job. he has another to go to when he's finished with that one. and he has work to see him through the week. praise Jesus, that is a blessing.

yet my spirit still aches.

so you know what that means. satan is trying to tear me down.

i'm writing this post anyway. to be real.

in my success, in my failure, in my happiness, and in my trials, i want to be real.

God is with me. always.

i'll leave you with this video. it's not professionally shot and it's missing the first little bit of the song. but know that, as powerful as it appears right here, it was so much more so in person. this is natalie grant performing "it is well with my soul" at one of the women of faith conferences. i got so much out of every.single.moment of that conference but this..........this was a highlight for me.

and i will say be it peace or sorrow, it is well with my soul.

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