real life...{favorite things}

i think i love my house the most during the holiday season. the christmas decorations make it seem warmer. just a little bit cozier, don't you think?

here are a few of my favorites:

our "little drummer boy" nativity. one of my favorite christmas songs & specials - give the Lord what you have, even if you feel it isn't enough. that's usually when it turns out to mean the most :-)

our "parents to be" ornament. this is the first ornament hubby & i ever purchased together for our tree....

this advent calendar was handmade by my husband's aunt for the little man. beautifully quilted and each pocket holds a little ornament to hang on one of the 25 buttons. he loves this tradition!

this year, the little man & i made our own snow globes. some came out better than others - this one is my favorite.

what are some of your favorite holiday decorations?

**after i wrote this post, i noticed the awful quality of these pictures!! unfortunately, despite the many tutorials i'm reading, that's happening a lot lately. i think i'll have to make it a resolution for the new year!

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