encouraging words wednesday....{love & marriage}

a few weeks ago, we received a challenge from our pastor. i promptly ignored it.

surprisingly, (hmmm....was it REALLY surprising??) my devotion today led me back to the same portion of scripture having to do with this challenge.

ready for it.........?
"wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord"
~ephesians 5:22
ugh. did i mention that i read this particular verse immediately after the temper tantrum i threw over my husband's heinous behavior?

seriously heinous. i mean it. horrid, even!

what did he do, you ask? he neglected to have our son clean up his room last night.

see??? almost unforgivable, right??

hmm. okay, Lord. needless to say, i finished my devotions AFTER apologizing to hubby.

i have trouble with this scripture. i'm guessing that we all do, at least at some point. honestly, it would be easier for me to willingly ride a roller coaster, pet a rat and make friends with a spider that it would be for me to get this right on a daily basis. and y'all i have some serious issues with roller coasters, rats & spiders.

so how do i do this?

i have no idea. but God does.

the discussion about this verse could go so much deeper. if you have issues with trust. if your husband has made some mistakes (haven't we all). if your husband isn't a christian.

but for now i will just pray and ask for His forgiveness. and i will learn how to humbly ask for my husband's forgiveness. i will meditate on that verse. and i will try, try and try again until i get it right.

if we are to be true jesus-lovin christians, we can't pick and choose the parts of the bible that we will embrace. we have to take it all in - even the parts that make us uncomfortable.

so here i will sit, uncomfortable. and maybe tryin to learn how to love a rat ;-)

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