encouraging words wednesday...{faithfulness}

it being the holiday season, i am blessedly busy but i wanted to take a moment to share. in a previous post, you accompanied me through my struggle. all the while, i kept in mind the faithfulness of God.

sometimes, we're meant to endure hardship. perhaps there are lessons to be learned. perhaps our struggle is meant to be a testimony. or maybe we'll never know the reason why - at least not until we're home with our Lord.

but God is always there. Immanuel. God with us.

granted, my struggle was minor comparatively speaking. i look at it as a learning experience.

"how to trust in God 101"

and hopefully, that lesson will be with me should we encounter greater struggle.

because we relied on Him through the difficulty, He has blessed us. or, i should say, He has continued to bless us - and through us, He's blessing others.

for example, i've been able to raise $118.00 through my blessings collection which will go to various charitable organizations. praise Jesus!

i am thankful and grateful for our struggles. we have learned lessons and we have grown in our faith.

so if you're experiencing some difficulty, keep praying. hold on to Him. and i will pray for you. remember:

He is faithful.

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