{send a hug day!!}

okay, before i get to the hugs, y’all need to know how sweet my husband is – take a look at the comments from yesterday’s post. it really made my day :-)

so now on to the actual point of my post.

i mentioned that my focus is now on being a blessing to my family and others. one of the ways i’m attempting to do that is through couponing.

couponing, you say? like, extreme couponing?

yup. extreme couponing. well, not extreme extreme. but hear me out. i want to save my family money. who doesn’t, right? and, as a SAHM, i have some time to devote especially since my only little one is in school all day.

barillaso where do the “others” come in, you ask? well, i’m hoping to be able to amass enough food, paper goods, personal care items, etc. to be able to donate it to those in need. women’s shelters, food pantries, pet shelters…..i hear that many women who are extreme couponers are making a ministry of it and i’d like to be one of them!

as a result of my immersion into the world of couponing, i found out about barilla’s “send a virtual hug” day. if you send a virtual hug via facebook, barilla will make a donation to feeding america.

how easy is that? send a hug, feed america!

so go now and send a hug!

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