awol again {and gift certificates!}

yeah, i know.

gone again, and after i said i wouldn't do it again!

well, the Lord had some other plans for me. He's been laying some good stuff on my heart and i've been doing my best to be obedient. but - as i've said before - somethin had to give. i have a feeling that this blog will be sacrificed to other endeavors often but that doesn't mean i don't love you!

i certainly do love each and every one of you - those who read my blog religiously and those who just pop by every so often and even those who may be reading this for the very first time. i say this sincerely. i've found wonderful sources of support, encouragement and inspiration in this blogosphere of ours and i wouldn't trade it for anything!

and just so you don't think i've been slackin on the business end of things, guess what i got??

gift certificates! holiday gc they're back for the holidays (yup. holidays. exactly 58 days until Christmas. wow.)

and here's a tip.......readers of my newsletter got a discount code for 20% off!

nope, not gonna share it here and i'll tell ya why. i've got lots in store for holiday promotions but they'll only be announced in my newsletters.

so. whadaya waitin for?? take a peek at my sidebar and go sign up so you can get your discount code, too!

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