new men’s collection!!

i’ve finally put together a few men’s items – just in time for holiday shopping! *wink*


this rugged cross was originally made as a gift for my hubby last christmas. i’ve since made one other for a friend’s son with a different texture but wasn’t smart enough to get pictures. maybe she’ll take a few for me.


and these distressed dog tags i made for my nephew. he wanted a set of tags but i didn’t want to do something that you could find elsewhere. i did a model of my idea in copper and sent him the photo with fingers crossed….turns out he prefers stylized pieces to standard and this design was perfect. i love the way these turned out!

completely off topic, we got our first snowfall last night. seriously?!?! and i hear we’re in store for more tomorrow!

it really is beginning to look a lot like………i won’t say it. but don’t forget…..

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