encouraging words wednesday…..{blessings}

blessing when i was younger, i was incredibly selfish. it probably wasn’t much different than the majority of those around me but, looking back at my behavior and mindset, i’m not proud.

even now, as a jesus-girl, i find myself worrying more about myself. “thank you Lord for the blessings you’ve given us. please help my business…….please help my husband’s business……..please help me….” have been my standard prayers.

but recently, i’m finding more and more that what’s going through my mind is “Lord, please help me be a blessing to my family…..please help me be a blessing to others….please help me be a blessing.”

i read a devotional today about becoming a slave to God. giving everything you have – possessions, hopes, dreams, family – over to God. i’m not quite sure how to do that. of course, i have the words but what are the actions required?

i don’t know.

but i do know that learning to be a blessing to others is a good first step.

i’m excited about it! i have a plan of action! (you know how i love those!!)

i’m hoping that while learning to be a blessing to others, God will teach me more lessons. lessons on how to be a slave to God and not self. lessons on how to be reflection of Him. lessons on how to become closer to Him.

i have always loved the Lord. i’ve wanted to live a life of a true christian because that’s what He requires of me. but lately, my burning desire is live a life of a true christian because i want to hear Him say….

“….well done, good and faithful servant.”
~matthew 25:21

today, let’s make it a point to find at least one way to be a blessing to others.

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