so here’s what happened {and new charms!}

i realize i’ve been absent from my blog for quite some time. it’s amazing (and frightening!) how quickly time can slip by without even realizing. it started with an illness (my son’s – doesn’t it always?!?!) and that illness spread to me. then back to him. then back to me. and i’ve been working on the web site and working on my husband’s web site and other promotional items and trying to keep up with my other jobs and making new pieces…..and suddenly it’s 20 days later! i apologize for my absence but i can’t promise it won’t happen again *grin* next on the project list (along with all the others) is switching all of our financial ‘stuff’ over to quickbooks. somebody pray for me.

anyhoo………the new bonhomie charms site is finally up!! the design is basically the same but we’ve got some new functionality including discount codes (yay!) i’m still tweaking the site so if it seems your discount code isn’t working, please drop me a line asap – i haven’t gotten them all entered yet. and if you notice any bugs, drop me another line. i’ve done the entire site on my own. there’s a reason people hire professionals :p

and, introducing the “loved charm”!


she looks beautiful with an add-on pearl and equally sweet with the new “itty bitty bar charms” which are sold separately (and the more you buy, the bigger the discount!)


last but not least, be sure to check out the “deal of the day” on the new site! currently, it’s “buy 3, get 30% off!”

so please forgive me for my absence, please pray for my sanity during the switch to quickbooks and please go check out the new site! let me know what you think! oh, and one more question: should i put the music back into the site? or go without?

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