take ten::things that make me happy

i may be setting myself up to fail miserably but i’m going to try another series. “take ten”. each week, i’ll highlight ten things – recipes, tips, songs – whatever. all in an attempt to let you get to know me better :-)

this week, here’s a peek at 10 things that made me really happy (in no particular order). mostly completely superficial but that’s okay – joy is joy, right??


1. new shoes! and the best part? the pink shoes: $8.00. and the black: $4.00 (yup, i’m a gal who likes to brag about how cheap she is!)

2. hubby has made the commitment to return to his own business (painting, drywall and property maintenance if you’re in the connecticut area, y’all!). when we first met, his happiness in owning and successfully operating his own business really drew me and impressed me. when little man came along, we got scared and opted for a guaranteed income. God is calling us to step out in faith now. so that’s what we’re doing and we couldn’t be more excited!


3. my travel french press (thank you, target!). i love a good cup of coffee. but all those in this household who share the coffee maker do not share my taste in coffee. so this is the perfect solution.

4. and to completely perfect my coffee experience, i ordered some sugar-free raspberry coffee syrup! gotta love amazon!


5. a while back, i posted about choosing a new duvet cover. well, the choice was made and i’ve been very happy with it but something was missing. so i found these awesome accent pillows. now i smile every time i walk into our bedroom. well, so long as i’ve made the bed ;-)

6. someone i very much respect said this about my charms: “……you definitely have your own style and branding going on and I like that. with so many handmade items on the market that are similar I love when a product line screams the designers style and name. Yours does. Nice job!!” that REALLY made me smile :-)


7. i just picked up these placemats to bring a little spring into the kitchen. i love everything we’ve done so far but, like i mentioned before, i’ve been wantin’ some spring. i wasn’t sure the green would work but after getting them home, i realized that i have plenty in the kitchen that ties in the green!


8. i love the color that this sign brings to this side of the kitchen! this side just seemed so blah…i got this when i bought the placemats to tie in the colors.

9. i’ve been blogging on a regular basis! developing a routine and sticking to it isn’t easy for me so i’m giving myself a pat on the back!


10. this little man. he loves toy story, he loves legos and he loves his mama. yesterday, he said to me “mama, you’re my shining star”. well, little boy….you are my whole world.

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