New duvet cover....???

I've been wanting a new duvet cover for a few years now and since fall is approaching, I figure I should probably make a move. Why a duvet cover, you might ask? (although you probably didn't) Well, we have a king size bed and a king size comforter won't fit in our washer. Since I can barely manage to get the laundry done with the washer inside the house, chances are that trips to the laundromat aren't happening. And what's wrong with the one I already have? (again, I'm pretty sure you didn't ask but I'm gonna tell you anyway) For some strange reason, this king duvet doesn't fit our king comforter. Eventually, either my husband or I end up with a duvet cover with no comforter inside. Kinda defeats the purpose. So..........here I am. Can anyone explain to me why bedding is so expensive? Which leads me to Overstock.com. Here are my choices:

Our bedroom walls are a light, sage green. The bed has dark oak wood with dark brown iron scrollwork on the headboard and footboard. I'd really like a print - our spring/summer covering is solid green and our current duvet cover is ugly dark beige with two stripes of this darker green color.

I'm not quite sure about this color green - they have the same print in brown......??

Too light? Too young? I'd love to get your feedback! Maybe you've seen something else I'd like?


Danagonia said...

I like the printing on the middle one best... Gosh my bed never looks that tidy... :-)

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

I like the second option also - I'm just not sure the color will work with the sage walls?? On occassion, I manage to get my BED that neat but the rest of the room....well that's a different story!! ;-)

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