take ten::10 things about me…

but first a random pic. here’s the view of our backyard. on april 21st. YESTERDAY. seriously?? this is not spring.

aprilsnow 001

but i digress. today’s “take ten” will be 10 random facts about me that you don’t know (or maybe you do. maybe i already told you. my memory isn’t what it once was)

  1. i dislike frosting. loathe, really. too sweet – except for cream cheese frosting. that’ll work.
  2. as a child, my parents called me “kirstie beth” (middle name: elizabeth). my mother will still do so, on occasion, but i try not to let that happen.
  3. since i was not a fan of my mother’s nickname, after high school i gave myself a nickname: zoey. nope, not even remotely similar to my own name. just liked it.
  4. i have 3 sisters and 4 brothers – i’m the baby (no, i’m not spoiled. really!)
  5. i once changed the radiator on one of several clunkers i drove in my early years. all by myself!
  6. i have been to bahrain, kuwait, saudi arabia, korea, the azores and various airports in between but i’ve never been off the east coast (and no further south than georgia) of the united states. sad. kinda….
  7. i have a very real but perhaps unnatural fear of natural disasters. hence my tendency to remain in this area of the country. nor’ easters and blizzards i can deal with. first northeastern earthquake and i’m out.
  8. my son’s name was chosen before he was conceived. and i was hoping for a girl.
  9. the soles of my shoes melted while performing on an air craft carrier in the middle of the persian gulf.
  10. i love disco music.

so there. ten random facts about my life whether you wanted to know or not.

tell me something about you!

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