encouraging words wednesday….

footer_logo_crash i’ve been complaining about the snow we’re getting in spring. i’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out how we can improve our house, our yard……always feeling like it’s not quite good enough. i’ve been aggravated with schedules and misbehavior. then i stop and think. i direct my thoughts to the situation in japan. i cannot begin to imagine the thoughts and feelings they must have. here in my pretty-all-in-one-piece-everyone-safe-and-sound life. words cannot begin to express……anything.

Jesus replied, “what is impossible with men is possible with God” ~Luke 18:27

rest in Him. cling to Him. cry out to Him.

if it’s in your heart to do something – anything, CRASH japan (Christian Relief, Assistance, Support and Hope (CRASH) - a network supporting Christians to do relief work in Japan and around the world)  can help. donations, if you want to volunteer. prayer, updates. anything.

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