“sweethearts” charm debut…

the “sweethearts” charm made it’s official debut on april’s funky vintage lovely blog yesterday (and the giveaway over there is still open!!) but here she is again, just in case you missed her:


isn’t she lovely…….isn’t she wonderful *grin*

i’m very pleased with the design direction my charms are taking and i hope you are, too! i have at least 3 more coming very soon (one that’s perfect for mother’s day!) so make sure you keep an eye out! also coming soon – i hope – is a redesigned website. yes, i know….again?!? i’m basically happy with the current design so it won’t change too much but i am unhappy with the site’s limitations (for instance, there’s no option to use coupon codes without jumping through hoops. not cool.) so it’s back to the drawing board :-)

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