five minute friday :: waking up

it’s that time again! time to write without reservation (i love alliterations!!). once again, i’m linking up with the gypsy mama to let the words flow. write for five minutes and five minutes only on the assigned topic. no forethought, no edits and no do-overs. today’s topic: “waking up”.

ready, set……


the days go by in a flurry of activity……school, appointments, schedules, play dates. pick up toys. don’t put your fingers in your mouth. because i said so. aidansleep that’s not nice. mama, look at me! mama,watch this! temper tantrums, messy rooms, misbehavior. boy, oh boy, does that little man aggravate me! i am ever so grateful at the end of the day – bedtime. peaceful time. quiet time. no one’s calling my name, no one’s demanding my attention. just before that end-of-the-day time, i find myself wondering how on earth i’m going to do this all again. what was i thinking? then he sleeps. and in the morning, he wakes. mama! with a smile on his face. with love in his heart. renewed, refreshed. ready for cuddles. and we do it all again :-)

and STOP.

that’s it. five minutes not sure if i’m quite on topic but i followed the rules!

what’s your first thought when you wake up in the morning?



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