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i’m here, i’m here! i do apologize for the MIA!

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so, i missed saturday’s blog love, i missed monday’s fab finds and today is supposed to be take ten. and i’m not prepared to post any of those things…….

this is not my first blog. shortly after becoming a mama, i had one here. (reading it really takes me back!) when i began this blog, the primary intention was to provide some ‘backstory’ to my designs and serve as a marketing tool. it was a great idea but my posting was a bit sketchy and this blog fell by the wayside after a point. after making the decision to be more intentional with my blogging, i set up a blogging schedule to keep me posting. different topics for different days. but now i’m wondering if that’s the way to go…….? i’d like this blog to be a place to share me. that does include my jewelry. but it also includes my faith and my family. so am i doing a good job at that?

do you feel like there’s an opportunity to connect with me with this format?

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