five minute friday:: when i look in the mirror i see {& giveaway winner!}

so here’s the deal. i’m hooking up with the gypsy mama for five minute fridays. rules: write for five minutes on the assigned topic. no more, no less and no  editing. so here goes:


mirrorme 002 when i look in the mirror, i see a woman who is not yet complete – a work in progress.

i see a woman who yelled at a disobedient child this morning. a woman who chose anger over patience and love.

i see the visual after-effects of graves disease.

i see no makeup, no fancy hairstyle and no contact lenses. and it bugs me. superficial, i know. but honest!

i see my dad. for many years, one person after another commented on how much i looked like him but i didn’t see it. now that he’s gone, i see it everyday and i miss him. everyday.

when i look in the mirror, right now i see a hot mess. seriously. but i hear the whisper of God’s grace. thankfully.


well. that’s not so easy. and i had a few backspaces so i may have cheated a bit on my first go-round but i’ll do better next time. (note: links and photos were added after the time was up)


and it’s time to announce the name of the person to be entered into the ME project giveaway! that person is:

thegiveawaydiva!! (sending an email your way!) you’ll be entered into the march 7th drawing to win the starbucks gift basket. i did mention that there might be a surprise along with this announcement and so there shall be. you’ll also receive a 25% discount to my etsy shop or bonhomie charms! (see, dontcha wish you entered??)


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