share the love saturday…….

i’m continuing to expand my horizons and spread some bloggy love!

gaby at life in a glass house is a woman after my own heart. there appear to be many things we have in common: having to explain the fact that we don’t look like our children, ongoing arguments with inanimate objects and a love for the Lord!

and there’s rachel at no. 17 cherry tree lane. i seriously want to sit down with a cuppa coffee and hang out with this chick. she just looks like so much fun! and rachel, i’ll gladly share my multiple “mother of the year” awards with you!

lastly is ruthanne from eclectic whatnot. she’s about as real as real gets. i mean, what’s not to love about a woman who posts recipes like this? and her sense of humor is pretty awesome…

just so you know, i do realize that most (if not all) of these blogs i mention certainly don’t need my comments to feel the love. they have more followers than i do! and, no, i’m not receiving any kind of compensation for these posts. i don’t think they know i’ve written these posts. i’m kind of a stalker that way ;-) hmmm, maybe i should tell them…..anyway, i have a friend who reads my blog (hi, kris!) but aside from mine, her reading list is pretty small. i’m also broadening her horizons *grin*

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