{finally!} NEW words of faith collection…….

this collection has been weighing on my heart for some time and it’s finally coming to fruition! it began as a tiny idea, about 2 years ago. however, it was just that – only a vague idea. but it wouldn’t let me go. i knew i wanted to design a line that reflected my faith but i didn’t have the vision. still, i started keeping a list of verses and words that really stood out for me – the ones that were making an impact on my life at that time. and slowly, i began to see the designs. kinda blurry at first. lots of (bad!) sketches, some quickly discarded. but some i held on to. they just felt….right. over the course of a few months, more and more of the sketches were right and they’ve become the collection i believe He led me to. each charm will be a completely different design but all will be a message of hope and inspiration. perhaps sometimes a bit abstract but, as i said, based on verses that have been speaking to me. hopefully, they’ll speak to you as well!

i’ve designed the stamps myself and, even though these charms aren’t meant to be personalized, i believe the message itself makes this collection the most intimate i could offer.

the first charm of the series that i’ve created is based on the verse:

“i will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. my help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”
~psalm 121:1-2

this verse has seen me through many a hardship. when my mother was first diagnosed, casting crown’s “praise you in this storm” stayed on ‘repeat’. praise Jesus. it moves me every time. surprisingly, this charm wasn’t meant to be the first in the collection. the first was supposed to be a charm who’s design was only finalized yesterday. i guess God had His own ideas about which should be first :-) so, without any further ado:


the next charms in the series should be coming pretty quickly – i just sent the files to my stamp maker (babyjewels) who is AWESOME, by the way!! check her out here and here if your looking for custom stamps or graphics! (or just go say ‘hey’ and tell her what an excellent job she did on my stamp)

so what do you think?

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